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A better way to engage with mobile users.

It’s difficult to get any audience to pay attention to your message with the proliferation of content that each of us is bombarded with on a daily basis

Our goal for FONA, one of the leading providers of flavoring for foods and beverages, was to develop a digital outreach strategy that encouraged their audience to bite into their messages.

FONA prides itself on providing thought leadership and helping keep its customers in touch with the latest trends and developments in the industry. The company distributes highly visual weekly emails to clients that have become an important and effective way to maintain contact and bring customers back to the FONA website.

68% of all emails today are opened on a mobile device.

The simple reality is that messages that aren’t mobile responsive are often simply deleted without reading. Can you afford to ignore 2/3rds of your audience with your digital outreach?

We’ve created mobile responsive templates that ensures the FONA message displays well for all subscribers on all devices.

Emails are one of FONA’s most effective marketing tools to stay connected with customers and develop new clients.

FONA’s email campaigns are highly successful with high open rates, and a strategy to bring viewers back to landing pages on the FONA site for full content. The strategy to drive website traffic has contributed significantly to nearly doubling of traffic to the FONA website since 2015, and exposure to other content for these food and beverage professionals.

Data on open and click through rate provide insight into topics that drive customer interest.

We closely monitor the weekly email campaigns to identify topics and campaigns that gain the most interest. This data provides important empirical data to help FONA stay on top of trends throughout the industry as well as generating content that appeals to core audience segments.

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